Enterdock hosts two series of creators-related conventions, namely COMIC SQUARE and Illust Fusion. Other smallers events are also held occassionally to keep the creator community lively!


Focusing in manga-anime scheme, COMIC SQUARE (CQ) is the largest handmade comics (doujinshi) in Thailand. It was started in 2016 in Bangkok and has been serving hundreds of Thai creators as the place where they can meet with thousands of readers and collectors. This annual event does not limit attending artists to fanmade or original work, book or goods, but is also widely open for everyone to create any touchable, or event untouchable, format of merchandise at their own imagination.

COMIC SQUARE is held annually, typically in March. For more information, please visit facebook.com/comicsquareTH.

Illust Fusion ประกอบร่างสร้างเส้น

Also the largest flear market for Thai artists, but Illust Fusion (IF) focuses wider range of creation of art. IF has been held since 2016 and now homes to thoudsand of participating artists, scruptors, craftpersons, designers to express themselves through art.

Illust Fusion is a multiple-day semi-annual event, typically in Febuary and August, while Illust Fusion EXPO, which is in a larger scale and with various activities, is expected to be held in every Q3. For more information, please visit facebook.com/illustfusion.

Never leave the community lonely.

With our in-house activities, we don’t stop strengtening the bond between creators and art lovers. Workshops, seminars, exhibitions, we do our best to ensure that the creator community always has each other, and us!