Began as an online comic magazine in 2016, now Anitime has become has become the fast-growing major media trusted by several players in Thai comic industry and is currently the key unit that leads a large role in comic industry to the company. It is currently expanding to relevant specialty businesses.

Affiliated Medias & Businesses

    An online magazine which serves daily news occurred in comic industry, mainly in Japan and Thailand and originally-written article by staffs and outside bloggers to more than 200,000 readers. Anitime also works as a press media and has participated several important comic events. Advertising space and advertorial content are sold.
    A portal of doujinshi events in Thailand. doco gathers event information from organizers and schedule them on the calendar. Not only helping Anitime become more well known among doujin artists and organizers, doco also supports Anitime-owned events and leads us some number of readers.
  • Doujinshi Events
    Currently running two serialized events; Original Connect and COMIC SQUARE, Anitime hosts doujinshi events to promote the trading Thai creators’ works.
    Sharing and passing along the news of event from artists to their followers help Anitime become even more well known. This also make us closer to creators and brings more opportunity to outsource relevant works to appropriate artists.
  • Character Licensing
    Named ‘Anichara’, this is a testing plan by allowing public to reproduce Anitime’s original characters freely, even making them a handmade goods to sell with no need to make a prior notice. Most of characters are mascots of Anitime’s medias and are expected to be produced as a character goods to fulfill need of our reader and make Anicharas a bigger part of their daily life.